Sunday, May 6, 2018

Cinco de Mayo

My hubby and I love partaking in Cino de Mayo and that is mainly because we love TACOS and I am always game for a margarita. 😁 Ha!

I have been on plan for several weeks now with no alcohol and had decided beforehand that I would be indulging with some tacos and margaritas on Cinco de Mayo. And believe me, I did! Now, that doesn't mean I indulged all day or all weekend.  I had my shake for breakfast and then late evening I had leftover steak and spinach and I drank lots of water throughout the day. I didn't use this one event to mess up the entire day or the entire weekend.  That is a huge win for me!!

Ground beef taco, Chicken Taco, Fish Taco, AND a margarita (or two). 

It feels good to know you can indulge sometimes and still not go off the rails.  It is about how you go into it.  This wasn't a spur of the moment decision, it was planned, which I think helped to jump right back into eating on plan.

I am starting my 2B Mindset group on May 14th. We are prepping this week and my eating will change.  I will have more flexibility compared to what I have allowed myself in the past.  I am excited to learn and experience this, because in the past, with so many restrictions I have fallen off the wagon and binged. My desire is to be free of that unhealthy eating pattern for good. To truly find balance and enjoy food, to live life and not feel so controlled by food.

Questions about my 2B Mindset Group starting on May 14th, take a look here: 2B Mindset Challenge Group.

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