Saturday, July 19, 2014

3 Day Refresh Review and Results


My Review and Results after doing the 3 Day Refresh
I was extremely happy with my results!!!  After completing the 3 day refresh I lost 6lbs, but more importantly it helped me jumpstart my workout program and break some bad habits.  It has been 10 days since completing the 3 Day Refresh and I have kept the 6lbs off and lost more continuing with my PiYo exercise and nutrition plan. 
Day one of the 3 Day Refresh was all about mental toughness.  After feeding your body whatever crap you want you have lots of triggers and cravings.  You have to be mentally prepared to stick with the program.  What did make it easier was knowing it was only for 3 days.  I figured I could do anything for 3 days and I really wanted to stick with it to see the results.
Day two I had a killer headache.  This could have been from many different things.  During the 3 Day Refresh you do not have any caffeine, soda and will be cutting most carbs (sugar) and meat.  I didn't have wheat or grains.  So there was a lot of things my body was detoxing from.
Day three felt like easy sailing.  By this day I had to tell myself to eat.  I felt like I could have gone a few more days at this point. And I felt good. 
Morning of day four I was pretty excited to jump on the scale.  Not going to lie, I was also pretty excited about my cup of coffee. LOL
I have been eating a lot more vegan meals since the Refresh. They had some great recipes included for the dinner meals. I really liked how it helped jumpstart my weight loss and plan on doing it again in the future.  2 thumbs up!!!
Watch my video review below.  Please let me know if you have any questions or if you are interested in getting started.  You can always contact me at :)