Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Transform 20 - Round 1 day 1

So excited to finally get to start this program. I have known about it since November 2018 and even preordered the VIP access the first day it was available. I then had to wait another 6 weeks to get to yesterday when I could start!

Let me tell you, it was worth the wait! Ok, I know that I have only completed 2 days, but dang. It is already pushing me and kicking me in my ass! Love that it is only 20 minutes.

I am following the 2B Mindset nutrition plan, which is an option with this program.  Which that reminds me...I passed my 2B Mindset Mentor Certification on this past Sunday!  Can't believe I almost forgot to share!! I will be doing a separate post all about what that means and sharing more.

Haven't decided if I am going to do weekly updates for Transform 20 on here or just one at the end to review the program and share my results.  Let me know what you would like to see.

Christmas time at Disneyland!

Some of you know if you have been following me, that my husband and I moved from Kansas City, MO to Arizona in June of 2017.  Staying behind were our 2 grown children.  Since then our son, Hayden, has moved to Arizona.  He moved out here September 2018.  This leaves our daughter, Taylor, still in Kansas City.  She isn't alone as she lives with her fiance, Nick, and both sets of grandparents live in Kansas City as well.

I was so excited that she and Nick decided to plan a trip to California in December.  Christmas at Disneyland anyone! We drove to California and got to spend 4 great days with them sightseeing, and riding rides at Disneyland and seeing behind the scenes at Universal Studios Hollywood. Lots of walking, lots of lines, and lots of fun had by all! Oh, did I mention lots of pictures too?

Sur Restaurant

Sur Restaraunt

Thursday, November 8, 2018

Shaun T is Back at it AGAIN! Transform: 20

Transform: 20 Program Breakdown:
Trainer: Shaun T
Intensity: Intermediate/Advanced
Program Length: 6x/week, 6 weeks
Workout Length: 20 minutes
Equipment Needed: Step
Best For: Burning fat, toning, abs, legs, booty, upper body
Release Date: VIP Early Access January 14, 2019, BOD April 1

What is Transform: 20?

Similar to LIIFT4, each day will be a NEW workout — never repeating the same workout twice.

It’s not all about the physical transformation.
Yeah. This program is going to work your body — abs, legs, arms, booty — but it’s also about transforming the mind. On day 7 (your rest day) there will be a new weekly video to help sharpen your focus, visualize your goals, and push yourself!

Transform :20 Results

Transform: 20 Questions Answered

What’s the nutrition plan for Transform: 20?

You have the option of following two different meal plans for this program:

The Transform: 20 Meal Plan
Or 2B Mindset

Just like many other Beachbody programs, the Transform: 20 plan uses the Portion Fix container system. It gives you a simple formula to use to figure out which bracket you fall into and container counts for each day — simple!

What equipment is needed?

These workouts are 100% bodyweight — no weights. And there’s only ONE piece of equipment you’ll need, and it’s what Beachbody is calling “The Step.”

What are the workouts like?

There are 3 Phases to the program: Commit, Climb, and Conquer. As you progress through each phase, the workouts get harder and the moves become more intricate (similar to 80 Day Obsession).

There are 5-weekday workouts: Burn, Faster, Stronger, Powerful, and Cut. Each workout has a different focus. There will be lots of fast feet movements on the steps and plenty of pushups, burpees, and lots of ab work!

And finally one for the weekend: Balance. This consists of some light cardio and strength work, and lots of stretching.

When will Transform: 20 be released?

This seems to be the new norm for our programs. It will launch in 2 phases:

VIP Early Access: Starting December 4th the program will be on sale on TeamBeachbody.com, this means Challenge Packs, Completion Packs, Accessory Bundles, or Stand-Alone Digital
VIP Access.Early Access workouts for Transform: 20 will be on Beachbody On Demand starting January 2019.

Without Early Access: All other BOD subscribers will gain access to the program starting April 1st, 2019.

Want To Give It A Try?!

When this program launches I'll be hosting my very own Test Group and I want YOU to join me! Make sure you fill out the form below to reserve your spot before it's full!

The easy to use Wufoo form builder helps you make forms easy, fast, and fun.

Saturday, June 9, 2018

Do You Want To Preview LIIFT 4 For Free?

So excited to share with all my amazing followers a free workout preview of the next fitness program that Beachbody will be launching called LIIFT 4.  Joel Freeman is the Super Trainer who created this program.  The goal is to give you a 4 day a week workout schedule that combines strength training and HIIT type exercises into your workouts to maximize the burn and your results.

If you would like to try it out, for free, Fill out the form below!

Online contact and registration forms from Wufoo.

If you ALREADY have a coach please contact your coach for more information.
If you do NOT have a coach it’s super easy to MAKE ME YOUR COACH!
A Coach is FREE and my job is to support you in choosing the best fitness program to meet your needs, help you navigate the nutrition plan and when you purchase your products through me you are also able to join my support & accountability groups that I run online as well.
It’s a great resource that really helps you get the very best results possible.
Definitely let me know how you like it and if you are not plugged into my support and accountability group and would like to be- make sure to let me know ASAP so I can get you enrolled and into the next group in preparation for the official pre-sale of this program on the June 11th and launch on July 16th!

Sunday, June 3, 2018

May Results - Weigh In

Progress, not perfection! 😁

What you don't see is by May 14th I was up 3lbs for the month, started the mindset eating group and lost 8.2 lbs over the last few weeks. AND that is with me traveling for work, attending a work conference and going out of town for Memorial Day.

Can't wait to see what June brings!! 

Memorial Day Weekend - Official Start to Summer

Living in Arizona, it never really stops being summer! Summer for me always meant, sunshine and pool weather. But for everywhere else in the states, Memorial Day weekend is the official start to summer.  And to celebrate we decided to head down to Tuscon.

Loaded up the puppies and drove down Friday night after work. Enjoyed the evening revisiting some of our favorite spots from our trip 15 years ago.

Pinnacle Peak's restaurant
Water First, Veggies Most!

Saturday we planned on getting up and touring Old Tuscon Studios.  Had fun watching the shows and taking the stagecoach ride.  Had a little tequila and got a little sunburned!

Water first, then tequila!

Finished the day by picking up the puppies and driving up to Mt. Lemmon.  Stopped many times along the way to let the dogs walk on the trails and enjoy the beautiful vistas.