Sunday, May 4, 2014

2013 AQS Quilt Week

My daughter and I went to our very first Quilt Festival last October.  Got off work on Friday night and drove to Des Moines, IA, only a short 3 hour drive away from our home.  We had a blast singing on the way up in the car, my radio wasn't working so we just made our own music.  Good thing my daughter knows the lyrics to almost every song I threw at her! Stayed downtown at the Marriott, only a few blocks from the Iowa Events Center. 

Took tons of pictures!  Click to view over 200 photos uploaded to my Flickr album.  Sorry they aren't the best quality, only have the camera on my phone.  Each picture should have a snapshot before or after it of the card displaying the name of the quilt and who quilted it.