Thursday, May 3, 2018

April, Got Back on Track

Well, I haven't completely made up for going off the rails in February and March, but I am headed back in the right direction and I will take that.

I really only kicked it into gear the last week in April! My husband had major surgery on April 16th, and had a colectomy (bowel resection) and removed almost 8 inches of his colon.  He was in the hospital for 4 days and just yesterday, 16 days after surgery, had his staples and his last tube removed.  He can now move around without the tube coming out of his body! 

For someone who struggles with emotional and binge eating, dealing with a major stress in your life, or any stress for that matter makes it very difficult to stick to a "diet" plan. While the surgery just took place April 16th, he has been unwell for a while. 

Even staying committed and on track, for the end of April I had to repeat over and over in my head, "Stay Focused", "You Can Do This". Positive mental talk all the time! I read and listened to personal development, I was constantly filling my cup up with anything that would move me forward in a positive way.  The struggle is real!! :) But we can do it if we keep our eyes on the prize and stay focus and committed to our goals. 

 Hubby and I before surgery
After surgery
Day 3 in hospital - real food!

Hubby and I in Sedona, AZ

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