Saturday, August 1, 2015

August Challenge

Let's commit to joining me and your Challenge Group to get in the best shape of your life! We are going to spend the next 4 weeks together creating new habits and setting the cornerstones for a new strong body and more. 

What is the commitment to the Challenge Group?
·         Select your Beachbody program (challenge pack) and follow the workout guide. 
·         Drink Shakeology daily.
·         Follow the Nutrition Plan.
·         Total of 30 days (You will have the option to continue to the end of the program you are using)
·         Take photos and measurements on Day 1, and 30.

·         Engage with your Coach (Me!) and group on Facebook; share how you are feeling and encourage others to reach their goals.

Why does this work and why do we do it? There is a simple formula for success. Fitness + Nutrition Support + Rewards = Success!  With the Challenge Pack you will receive the Fitness and Nutrition, with our private group you will receive the Support and when you complete your program you will be sent your free t-shirt for crushing it.  Plus you will be eligible for daily, weekly and monthly cash prizes through Beachbody's Challenge Contest.  I will help you get signed up for all of this. 

Have questions or just want to get started?  Reserve your spot NOW by joining this event and completing this quick questionnaire,, so I know you are ready to take care of YOU here and I can get to know more about you! 

We all start somewhere! Let's start now. :)

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